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Gatchina is one of historical cultural centers of the Northwest of Russia. It is also called Cultural Capital of Leningrad Region. Gatchina is a site of many All-Russian and International cinema and theatre festivals, and gradually becomes a center of choir music and singing. With the support of M. Ippolitov-Ivanov Children Musical School we have already held 14 Choir Festivals and Competitions – “Gatchina Rainbow”. This Festival started as a regional children choir competition, and gradually attracted more and more attention, becoming a well-known and popular one. Along with regional children choirs we began receiving applications from the largest Children Musical and Art Schools of St. Petersburg, then from other cities of the Northwest of Russia – Vologda, Pskov, Novgorod, Petrozavodsk. Later Moscow, Vladimir, Tyumen and other cities joined the Competition and it became All-Russian. In 2010 the Competition was registered by Music Competitions Association of Russia as international. We invite to the Competition Jury leading specialists of choir singing not only from St. Petersburg, but also from other countries – Poland, Latvia, Great Britain, Estonia, Slovakia, and Switzerland.

Dear young friends!


         This year our competition has devided it two levels first "Gatchina Rainbow-XVI"-is for not experienced choirs, for beginners, will take place as usually in Gatchina.

Second level International "Rainbow"- for concert choirs, but repertoire Rules, requirements, are not to much difficult.

        It will take place in State hall Cappella in Saint-Petersburg.


Welcome to Gatchina Festival! Many participants have already been here, others come to Gatchina for the first time and will be able to visit our Palace and park as well as show their skills and talents in musical competition. We understand your excitement and wish you good luck!

We are glad to meet you and hear tour singing!       

Organizing Committee

Future belongs to children. And it is not just a cliché. The prospects and development of the country depends on talents, intellect and education of the younger generation.

Our children are very talented, but it is important to recognize their talents and support them. This is the goal of “Gatchina Rainbow” Musical Festival and Competition. Its participants belong to the new century and will carry on great traditions of Russian music and choir singing. The Competition gives them opportunity to demonstrate their abilities, gain self-confidence, master new skills, get acquainted with other choirs and learn new music. About 30-40 children choirs come to the Gatchina Musical Festival every year. We hope that our Festival will help them to find new friends and extend cooperation with colleagues from other cities and countries. I wish all participants new challenges, glorious victories and storms of applause!

Z. Zheldina, Deputy President of the Culture Committee of Leningrad region