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The Composers Competition – “Choir Laboratory. XXI Century”. Music for Children and Youth – will be held in 2012 for the 5th time. Its history is not very long, but the Competition is already well-known and popular among composers and it has shown that choir conductors are greatly interested in new music. Competition attracts participants from various regions – among the winners of previous years there are not only Russian but also Polish, Serbian, German, Italian, American and British composers. We also had participants from Belarus, Ukraine and Armenia.

The winners of the Competition are given opportunity to publish their compositions. Apart from the winning compositions, Competition Organizing Committee can choose for publishing several other works considered interesting and promising for choir singing. We hope that these publications will help children and youth choirs to expand their repertoire.

First collection of compositions appeared in autumn of 2009 and was distributed in St. Petersburg and Moscow. The second collection was published in March of 2011 by “Compozitor” Publishing House of St. Petersburg. We also plan to republish a shorter version of the first collection and issue the third collection with compositions of the Competition 2011.

Competition goals:

1. Supporting and developing Russian choir singing traditions.

2. Encouraging composers to create new compositions for children and youth choirs.

3. Creating church music compositions that combine traditions of Russian Orthodox Church service singing with the achievements of contemporary composing techniques.

4. Creating folk-style compositions using the achievements of contemporary composing techniques. Creating choral music based on poems of Russian classic and modern authors.

5. Discovering new promising composers and works. Attracting young authors (including students) attention to choral music and its traditions.

6. Discovering composers from various regions of Russia and introducing them to choir conductors community.

7. Publishing collections of the winning compositions for further popularization.

8. Providing Russian children and youth choirs with modern compositions that are able to meet competition in Russia and abroad.


Competition History


 Composers Competition 2008, Moscow—St. Petersburg. 10 participants
       Composers Competition 2009, All-Russian. 45 participants (including 3 students)
       Composers Competition 2010, International. 40 participants (including 9 students)
       Composers Competition 2011, International. 57 participants (including 11 students)