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Events of the "Gatchina Rainbow" Competition
"Choir Concert. XXI Century"

Association of Children and Youth Choir Conductors of Northwest Region was founded in St. Petersburg in autumn, 2010. It united creative choir conductors who are interested in leaning new trends and achievements in choir music as well as in preserving and developing Russian choir music traditions.

Association has the following goals:

  • Coordinating choir conductors’ work, jointly supporting progress of children and youth choirs.
  • Establishing and strengthening contacts with foreign choir associations.
  • Encouraging educational and professional development of choir conductors.
  • Learning and spreading information about new choir music trends, expanding choir repertoire.

Association plans to organize workshops, concerts, competitions and festivals as well as publish study guides and collections of compositions.

Abstract from the Association Regulations:

4.1. Only adults over 18 can become members of the Organization. Person who wishes to join the Organizations should pass written application to the Management Committee of the Organization.

4.3. We accept to the Association: conductors of children and youth choirs, conductors of adult and professional choirs and ensembles; composers, singers, vocalists, musicians and music lovers who agree with the policy of the Association, support its work, help in organizing events and pay membership fees.


The Management Committee has monthly meetings and the cinema hall of the House of Composers from 11.00 till 13.00. At the meeting it is possible to apply to the Association, take part in discussion and help in event preparation.


Information about the Committee decisions, suggestions, etc. is sent to all the Association members in the form of the meeting minutes.